Tuesday, August 10, 2010

attention ladies and gentlemen!

So, I was at Kroger tonight getting ice cream and as I got out of my car to walk inside, two older guys in the parking lot drove past me, windows down, and yelled at me "hey! you have a nice a**!" This disrespectful and completely inappropriate comment got me thinking...sooo many guys are like that!
Ladies, how many times have you been hit on by random strangers out in public? Or even by your guy friends just "testing the waters" with a "harmless" flirtatious comment about your body? I say testing the waters because they are trying to see if you'll take the bait and run with it. You might think its a joke, but 9 times out of 10 if you respond in a way that lets them think you like that kind of attention, it'll go much further and may take an ugly physical turn.
So here's my issue: RESPECT. I'm sick and tired of guys looking at girls and saying things like "dude she's so sexy" or "i want a piece of that." I'm sick and tired of guys showing such a HUGE lack of respect for women. I'm sick and tired of guys thinking we're just on this earth to have sex with them. Rather than saying "she's so sexy," I want to hear more guys saying things like "wow, she is beautiful." It would be such an amazing change for guys to start seeing the BEAUTY in women rather than the sexuality!

To the girls: stop letting these guys think it's ok to treat you this way! let them KNOW its wrong and you won't allow it or accept it. Stop calling each other sluts and hoes and other disrespectful names because all you're doing is making it ok for THEM to call YOU that! And it's not ok. You are absolutely beautiful women and you deserve so much better than the cat calls and the inappropriate comments about your body. MAKE THE MEN RESPECT YOU. It starts with respecting yourself.

To the boys: If you are respecting women, treating them as more than just a sex object, reminding them that they are beautiful and not just sexy, THANK YOU. You are rare and fine gentlemen and the women appreciate that more than you know. Keep it up! To the guys that aren't doing that, start. Enough with the name calling, the sexual comments and gestures, the hit-ons. Respect the ladies and they'll respect you. The girls may laugh at first and think its flattering that you are checking them out and think they're hot or whatever, but deep down it kind of hurts. It makes us feel like all we are to you is a piece of meat you can't wait to get your hands on, instead of a person. Like, you just want us for our bodies and couldn't care less what we think or have to say. Treat us how we should be treated. You have no idea how much we'll appreciate it.

Well, that's all for now :) My thoughts for the night. Please take them to heart. It's kind of an important thing.

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