Tuesday, July 20, 2010

how precious

So my mom went to the doctor today for a physical. A simple physical. Her doctor did an EKG and was asking her some questions about her heart and such, quickly discovering the chest pains and extreme shortness of breath were definitely something to be worried about. So, the doctor recommended she go to the local heart hospital and get some tests done to find out whats going on. They end up putting her in the emergency room for several hours doing tests and have her hooked up to an IV and oxygen. Well after several good results from these tests, they decide its probably ok to go home for now but she needs to go back for more in-depth tests to find out whats going on...They come back in the room and decide, no, just kidding, we're keeping you at least over night because you're heart rate and shortness of breath are too bad. So they admitted her to the hospital, moved her to a room and got us all set up for a nice long night in the hospital...worrying, waiting, scared.

This just got me thinking...how precious life is and how much we take it forgranted. I mean, you can wake up one morning feeling perfectly fine, go off to the doctor for a perfectly normal physical, then end up in the hospital an hour later, wondering if you're going to end up having heart surgery or not. Its such a scary thought. Live every moment of life to the fullest and dont take anything forgranted. You never know how long you'll have that luxury. Take a deep breath, and smile. Thank God for that breath. Thank God for life. Stop and smell the roses. Watch a sunrise or a sunset and be still. Savor every moment of this precious life God gives us. He can easily take it away in a second.

Thankfully, nothing serious (that we know of so far) is going on with mom. But we do know of a hiatal hernia and gallstone. :( More tests in the morning and possibly a heart catherization. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

((r.i.p. daddy))

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